Friday, December 18, 2015

Train For Pain

     Recently I started to go to goalie training for soccer, but for this goalie training you need to be asked to go.  Unlike other places when you go you don't have to be asked to go.  For my soccer team my coaches son, Colan, is a goal keeper.  Every Saturday I go to my team soccer practice.  During this practice while the field players are training with my coach the other goalie on the team, Gwen, and I train with Colan. Then on Sundays I go to training with Gwen.  We go to this great trainer named Bernie.
     Going to Bernie's is lots of fun.  Unlike other training that have been to this one is the best so far.  I think that this one has been the best because Bernie is a really nice guy but he knows how to train you well.  There is a different variety of people that go to Bernie's there are high school boys (the majority of the people there are boy and most of them are in high school or almost in college) there is a girl that is going to college soon and there is 3 girls of my age.  When we go to goalie training Gwen and I go up against the boys.  Sometimes Colan comes to the training at Bernie's, so I am training with my goalie trainer.
     When we pull up to the driveway Bernie's dog, Charlie, always gives us a wonderful welcome by running up to our car and being so happy.  As I get out of my car Gwen is also getting to Bernie's.  Once Gwen and I both get out of our cars, we start to stretch.  As we are stretching the older guys and this other girl Shannon (around my age, she doesn't go all the time) start to arrive.  We all normally arrive at around the same time.  While the other kids are getting out of their cars Gwen and I get all the equipment/soccer balls that Bernie wants us to use during the training session.  Once everyone has stretched and we have all the equipment that we need we start to head over to the soccer goals in Bernie's yard.  Bernie has 2 soccer goals facing each other on his yard at his house.  Once we get to the goals Bernie has us warm up.  Normally if there are a lot of people there the older kids warm up in a separate group then Gwen Shannon and I.  When warming up we work on moving fast and catching the ball with a contour catch(when you catch the ball in front of you).  We do a variety of different training warm ups.  Gwen, Shannon, and I are normally slower at the warm ups because we haven't done them as much.  
     As we are finishing up with our warm ups the older kids are starting to do the actual training with Bernie.  As they are doing the training and we have finished our warm ups we take a sip of our water and then we join the warm up.  The older kids do some different warm ups than us but we mostly do the same.  When the older kids are finished with their warm ups they help out with ours.  We do a bunch of different warm ups working on reloads(getting up from the ground from a diving position), sprinting, and working on different moves that we are going to be using in games.  As we do the training later in the practice we normally work with the older kids.  One of the training exercises we do is we work on 3 goal situations.  This is where the forward on the other team is crossing the ball and there is 3 different angles that they can score from.  After we finish the main training(we are almost done with the training) we finish with a game.  One game that we play is called All In.  There are 2 teams and the team on offense can only use their feet and the team on defense can us their hands whenever.  You try to score and its really fun because I am going up against high school boys and diving at their feet.             
     Once we are done with all the training we do a bunch of workouts.  We start with standing on 2 softballs.  Doing this workout helps with our balance.  We do that for about 2 minutes and then Gwen and I switch.  We are partners during the workouts.  After the softballs we take 2 soccer balls and do a 1 minute plank on them.  Sometimes if we don't have soccer games the next day we push ourselves on everything.  So we end up doing a 2 minute plank.  After the plank we do an exercise working on our reloads.  We start on the ground and then go half way up and pass the ball to our partner.  We do 50 on each side so in total we do 100 of the reloads.  After the reloads we do push ups on the soccer  balls.  We do about 10 push ups, but sometimes I push my self harder and try to do 15-20.  Every training session we do different workouts.  But the ones above we do every time.  Once we are done Gwen and I put the equipment away.  Once that is done we say thank you to Bernie and then we head out. The drive for me is about 45 minutes.  Most of the time when I go to Bernie's I have to bring a change of clothes to change into because I am wet from being on the ground so much.        
     I look forward to every weekend because I get to spend time with my soccer team and get a lot of training in.  Even though I just started going to Bernie's I love going.  Sometimes on Sundays I have soccer games so Bernie has to change the training from Sunday to Saturday.  On those weekends I get to train twice in one day.  Every Monday I am always sore from Bernie's/all of the soccer that I've done during the weekend.  Bernie's training is supposed to be 2 hours but he normally runs the practice longer.  I will always love going to Bernie's because I always have so much fun!!!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Giver From My Eyes

     I though that The Giver, By Louis Lowry was a great book.  This book taught me many new things.  I had lots of fun reading this book in LA class.  I had many thoughts and opinions while reading this book.
     I thought that this was a great book to learn that having a perfect world is not what you think it is.  Before reading this book I though that a perfect world where everyone was the same would be the best.  After reading The Giver I realized that a perfect world would not be good and that I don't want a perfect world.  I really loved how Jonas risked his life just to give everyone their memories back to change the community.  Jonas also didn't want Gabriel to die so he brought Gabriel along with him, I though that it showed that Jonas truly loved Gabriel.
     There were a lot of fun activities we did when we read The Giver.  We created a poster that showed how each pillar of citizenship (truth, justice, equality, and responsibility) in Jonas' community.  I thought that the poster activity was really fun.  I liked how we had different discussions about what how pillars of citizenship affected Jonas' community.  I wish that we could have seen who would have thought a perfect world was a good idea before reading the book and done the same thing after.
     Over all I thought that The Giver was a great book.  I think that everyone should read The Giver.  It shows that having a perfect world is not the best idea.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

From The Beginning to The End

     Hello, I am The Keeper.  My goal is to try to add a new blog post every week.  I will write about all my exciting moments of my life.  My blog post will explain how I feel and about my views on things.  I really like the Titanic and being a goalkeeper so I will probably be writing about those a lot.  I will explain about what I like to do and my favorite things.
     I am a seventh grade so I will also be writing about my experiences in middle school and about what I feel.  I love spending time with other people and learning about new things.  I will probably be writing the most about being a goalkeeper.  I will probably miss a post some of the weeks but I will try my hardest to post every week.  I might end up doing two posts a week because I might forget to add one or I will want to.
Hope you like my blog!!