Monday, June 13, 2016

My Soccer Tournament

          This coming weekend I have a huge soccer tournament.  I am very excited and can';t wait for it because I get to play soccer and hang out with my team.
          This tournament twill be our last games this year for my travel team.  This also might be our last year going to this tournament.  The tournament in the Okemo tournament in Vermont.  I love this tournament because when we aren't playing our soccer games I am hanging out with my team at mountain.  Playing the soccer games this year is going to be really fun because I am going to be able to play on the field and in goal.
          When we aren't paying our soccer games we are all at the mountain having fun.  At the mountain there are several different activities to do.  There is a mountain roller coaster, a cliff jump that you jump onto an airbag, a poo, a rock wall, and more.  Every year my team always goes to the pool to swim and then we go to some of the fun games/rides.  There is also a waffle cabin that has amazing waffles that I look forward to every year.
          I can't wait to go to the tournament because I want to spent a lot f time with my team.  I want to play well in the tournament and win but we are playing teams that are a lot older than us.  Even though they are older we can still beat them by outworking them.  My team is very good and we are getting better.
          I can't wait for this weekend to spend time with my team and play soccer.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The School Year In Review

        My school year is almost over.  I have had an amazing year as a seventh grader.  I never thought it would go that fast.
        In the beginning of the year I was very happy about being in Hiawatha and happy to see my teachers for the year.  I heard that my teachers were very good and that everyone loved them.  I found out myself that was true.  I loved all my teachers this year and learned so much from them.  It felt like just yesterday that I was meeting my teachers for the first time.
        I have accomplished so much this year.  I have made a lot of new friends and had an amazing year in sports for the school.  I met many people in my sports and many new people on my Hiawatha team.  I hope my friendships that I have now will stay with me forever.  I will always remember my year as a seventh grade.  I have made so many memories.
        I have learned so much this year and don't want it to end.  I will miss all my teachers.  Although I will visit them all next year.  I hope that my new teachers will be as nice and helpful as my teachers this year.  Having learned so much I feel like I am already in eighth grade.
        I hope to see everyone that I saw this year next year as I embark on the journey of my last year in the middle school.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Everything Comes To An End

          This Friday was my last track meet of the season.  I have had an amazing first year of track and can't wait for next year already.
This was at a track meet that I got a personal
record of 4 feet 10 inches in the high jump
         At the beginning of the season it was really confusing because it was my first year doing track so I was confused on what to do and where to go.  Although I figured it out pretty quick.  I had an amazing sister in this track season.  A sister is someone who you a re partnered with to give them a gift each meet.  I was able to get an amazing sister, Ally.  She helped me through the season and encouraged me to jump higher and further.  I also met an amazing friend and hope to stay friends with her for forever.  Her name is Matlynn.  She also helped me through the season.
         Track is unlike some other sports because not everyone's track season s over at the same time.  I was honored to keep going onto State Qualifier Meet.  It was such an amazing experience because it is only my first year of track and I had finished 8th against high school students.  It is such an amazing experience because I will accomplish so much more in my future.  Before the State Qualifier Meet I had gone to several meets before it that I finished it a very good place.
         I loved the track season because I met Matlynn and her and I went far into the season.  I have jumped a lot of personal records and broke two high school records this season.  I also got my varsity letter and my first pin to go on it.  I hope to accomplish more next year ad go even further.  I had an amazing first year of track and it was an amazing experience to compete against high school students and place well.
        I have had lots of fun on the track team and so many memories were made.  I can't wait till next years season to have even more fun!!!

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Day In My Life

          My days are usually very busy and very eventful.  I have very busy weekends and weekdays.  Here is a day in the life of me.
          Lets say that it is Tuesday night and I getting in bed.  The next morning I wake up at about 6:30 to shower.  In the morning I have to pack my stuff for track and school.  Wednesdays are usually days that I have a track meet so I have to pack more stuff than I usually pack.  Once I get put of the shower it is about 6:45.  By the time that I a awake and dressed for the day it is about 7 and I am ready to go down stairs.
          When I go down stairs I normally make my breakfast and turn the TV on.  While I am making my breakfast I am packing my track bag and school bag for the day.  Once I finish breakfast it's about 7:30 and I head upstairs to brush my teeth and get anything that I forgot upstairs.  I get back downstairs and it is about ten minutes to 8 and I do anything that I need to like fill my water bottle or put my binders in my backpack.  I am ready for my mom to drive me to school.
          Once I get to school I have a normal day but if I have a track meet I need to leave school early.  On Wednesday's I have track meets so I have to leave school early.  Sometimes a bus comes to pick us up at the middle school but sometimes we need a ride to the high school to take a bus.  When I get to the track meet I set my bags down and start to warm up and get my marks for my events.  I have a very fun track meet and compete very well.  I then take the bus back to the high school and my parents will pick me up there.  It is about 8:30 by the time I get home and I have to do my homework.
I love having busy days but it is nice to have a day where I don't have anything.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Track And Field So Far

          Track and field has been so fun this season.  I have meet many people and have tried many new events.  I can't wait to try new events and learn more.
          This season of track has been amazing.  I have learned so much and already beat many of my own personal records.  I started off the season with long jump, high jump, triple jump, and sprinting but this season I have now started hurdling and I've been doing longer distances such at the 400 meter and the 800 meter.  My coach is very nice and wants me to try lots of event.  When I started hurdling he said that I was good and now I am doing more and more hurdling.  I mainly just do the 100 meter hurdles.  At almost every meet I have done the maximum of four events.  I have been doing the the long jump, high jump, triple jump, and a running event and now it will mostly be hurdles.
          Track is such a great experience.  I have learned so much and met many new people that share my same interests in track.  I have also beat many of my personal records in the beginning of the season.  At every signal meet I have beat one of my own personal records.  It is such a great feeling when I beat one of my personal record and be able to look back at my coaches smiling and them smiling back.  I hope to beat a lot more records n my future and have that great feeling again.
          Tomorrow is going to be an awesome and long day for me.  Tomorrow is a very important track meet for our team.  Not many people are going to this meet and I got the honor to go.  I a nervous about this meet because this meet is only varsity people and it will be my first meet doing the pentathlon.  A pentathlon is when you do five event.  The events are 100 meter hurdles, shot put, long jump, high jump, and the 800 meter.  I am very excited and can't wait to try some new events.  I am very nervous for the 800 meter run because it is one one of the hardest runs because it is difficult to pace yourself.  It is half a mile and is almost a sprint but also a jog.  I am very nervous but more excited for my meet tomorrow.
          I love track so much and never want it to end.  I still have a lot left of the track season but it will go by so fast.  I can't wait till next year to learn more and try more events in the track and field season.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Superhero Me

          If I were a superhero I would be the best superhero in the world.  I would have many powers and achieve lots.  My name would be "The Flying Titanic"... AKA (Also Known As) "The Best Super Hero in The World, With All The Super Powers in The World" (AKA, TBSHTW,WATSPTW).  And yes, that is my superhero name.  I will have all the powers in the world.  I would have X-Ray vision, laser vision, super speed, super strength, flying powers, and many many more powers.
          My superhero would save many people all over the world no matter what.  Although my superhero's main job is to save all sinking ships and save the people on them.  Back in 1912 was my superhero's greatest mission.  To save the Titanic.  I had saved all of the people and stopped the ship from sinking in the first place.  Being a superhero would be really fun but you would have a lot of responsibilities.
          I would have to go whenever anyone needs me.  I would be like Super Man and change really fast in a telephone booth.  I would love to be a superhero and save lives.  But I would want my superhero side to be a secret so no one would know it was me.  The Flying Titanic to the rescue.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Mistake Ruins it All

          Talking on a phone while driving is a very bad idea.  Many people could get hurt just from someones mistake.
          I feel that talking on a phone while driving is a very bad thing to do and an even worse habit to get into.  Talking on a phone while driving is very dangerous.  Many bad things can happen just from answering a phone call or a text.  Some things that could happen if you use your phone while driving is that you could injure or even kill yourself or someone else.  You could damage your car and have to pay many fines for the damage.
          Bluetooth is better than actually using you phone. by hand.  Even though some people think Bluetooth is safe its really not.  Studies have shown that it is still bad to talk on the phone using Bluetooth because it distracts you from the road.  If you get a phone call and you think that it is important then pull over and answer it.  Some great ways to prevent you from talking on the phone while driving is to turn your phone off, if you don't want to do that you can even put your phone is driving mode, also just put your phone out of sight.  You could even have someone else in the car answer our phone for you.  When you look down at your phone you are putting yourself and others at risk.  Everything can wait.
          Try to encourage other people to not use their phones while driving and just put their phone down.  Don't put yourself or others at risk and drive safely.  Next time you get in a car turn your phone off so it won't distract you.  No one in the world needs to be distracted while driving.  All your focus should be on the road ahead of you.

Friday, March 25, 2016

St. Baldrick's

     This past Sunday was such an awesome day.  My friends and I got to shave our heads for childhood cancer research.  I hope to always be involved in some sort of way with St. Baldrick's.
     This Sunday Meghan, Life, and I all shaved our heads for childhood cancer research.  We all shaved out heads at Westmere Fire Department for St. Baldrick's.  For the last three years we all have shave our heads and this would me Meghan's and I last year shaving our heads.  I'm the beginning of the year we were both very positive that we wernt shaving out heads but then we started talking to each other about it.  We both said that if one of us shaved  our head that the other one of us would.  So we both decided to have our heads and Life would shave his head anytime because it is a free haircut for him.
     It felt like Sunday morning was the longest day for my life.  I would be shaving my head at 2:20 so I had to wait a long time.  I wasn't nervous at all.  I didn't really even think about shaving my head because I had some it the last 2 years.  This would be my third year shaving my head.  I couldn't wait to shave my head because I love the way my headfeels after it is shaved.  I want to get to Westmere Fire Department early so I could see some other shave their heads and so I could talk to Meghan.  I got there around 1 so I was about and house early.  Once I got there I went to find Meghan.  I found he and we both started talking about how excited we were to shave our heads.  As it go closer to the time that I was shaving my head more people I knew started to show up, including some kids on my soccer team and my grandparents.
     It was 2:20 and Meghan and I got really nervous all of a sudden.  Our names were called to go up to the stage to shave our heads.  Meghan and I wanted to sit next to each other so we did and we both got a little bit more calm.  They were about to start and Meghan and I looked at each other and smiled.  They then turned the razors on and started to shave our heads.  I was smileing during the whole time and looking at my family and friends.  It is such and awesome feeling to be shaving my head.  Once they were done Meghan and I walked off the stage together.  We were both really proud of each other and were happy for each other. 
     I loved shaving my head for St. Baldrick's with Meghan.  I hope we will both stay involved with it for a long time.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome To The Family Charlie

     Recently I had a new addition to my family.  So you might think this is about a new baby brother in my family.  Well it's not, it's about a new hamster in my family. 
     On this past Tuesday my mom had bought a new hamster cage for my hamster, Hammy.  Hammy had a cage but it was breaking apart and so my mom wanted to get a new cage.  During school she went to PetSmart and bought a cage.  Once I got home from school I saw the hamster cage and I said to my mom "Can I put the cage together."  Of course my mom said yes so I put my school bags down and brought the new cage to the living room to set the cage up.  Once I got to the living room I opened the cardboard box that had all the pieces in it.  There wasn't any small pieces so it wasn't to hard to set up.  I followed the instructions on how to set it up and it was really easy.  Now it was time to put Hammy in and see if he like a it.
     With the cage all put together I put Hammy's bedding in the bottom of the cage.  Now it was time.  I took Hammy out of his old cage and put him in his new cage.  Hammy seemed like he liked it but there was one problem.  There was a small tube to get from the first floor to the second floor and I didn't know if Hammy would fit.  I kept trying to get Hammy to go up the tube but he wouldn't.  So after a bunch of tries I took one of Hammy's treats and tied a piece of string to it.  I held on to the string but put the treat at the bottom of the tube.  Hammy saw it and went right to it.  Right as Hammy would go to bite the treat I would have to pull it up.  He got halfway through the tube and he looked like he was going to get stuck.  His fur was all pushed back and was really tight.  He kept going inch by inch and he was almost out and I gave him the treat.  My mom was nervous about Hammy going up the tube alone so she was going to return the cage.  My mom started to joke around saying why don't we just but a smaller hamster.  I thought she was joking but the next day I realized she wasn't.
My cats love the hamsters:)
     I was on my way home from school on the bus and I saw that I had a bunch of texts from my mom.  She had sent me several pictures but they weren't loading and eventually they did.  I looked at the pictures and got really excited.  It was pictures of a hamster.  My mom had got a hamster.  Once I saw the pictures I started to show my friends and ask them what I should name it.  My friend Angie said that I should name it  Charlie.  I liked the name Charlie so once I got home I told my mom and she agreed that it name would be Charlie.  My sister didn't like the name Charlie that much but she doesn't care.  I started to play with Charlie right when I got home.  Charlie is so small and he fits in just one of my hands.  I love Charlie so much and he is so cute.
     My new addition to my family is a hamster and his name is Charlie.  So I can say my mom didn't want to return the hamster cage so she just bought a new hamster.  I hope Charlie lives a long and happy life.  Welcome to the family Charlie.

Friday, March 11, 2016

My First Week of Track and Field

          Recently I had made the high school track and field team.  This monday was out first practice and I couldn't wait.  I was so excited even though I only had to wait about a week it felt like a year.
          On Monday morning my friend Angie and I were really nervous.  It was going to be out first day of track and field practice.  On the Friday of that weekend Angie and I had gone to the mall together to get stuff for track and field.  We had lots of fun.  We were both really excited for Monday.  On Monday morning we had all of the stuff that we needed and were ready to start practicing.  Since the track and field team is only a high school sport we would have to go to the high school for practice.  So everyday right when the ball rings for school Angie and I go strait to put lockers to get out bags then head out to the front of our school where a bus is waiting to bring us to the high school.  Angie and I try to get to the bus as soon as possible because the bus gets packed really quickly.  Once we get on the bus we wait for everyone to get on.  There are lots of people on the bus because there are several high school spots that middle school kids do.  When we arrive at the high school our track and field practice has already started for the high school kids so we have to go to the locker room to change quickly.  After we change we have to go to the wrestling room to drop out bags off and then we have to find out coach.
          Monday was our first day of practice and when we got into the high school there were some high school students on the track and field team showing us where to go.  It had been a very long day and I was still really nervous.  When the high school students showed us the locker room we all then went to change.  Once we all changed we then went into the wrestling room where all the coaches talked about what we would be doing this season and about what we would do the first week.  The coaches didn't talk for to long but once they were finished talking we went outside to the track.  For the first 30 minutes of practice we ran nonstop.  I ended up running 3 miles.  It was crazy.  The rest of the practice we were inside doing a bunch of different exercises that would be good for any event.  The first day of practice was awesome because I was so excited to be on the team.  
          On Tuesday and Wednesday I would not be able to go to practice because on Tuesday I had an eye doctors appointment and on Wednesday I had ski club.  So by the time Thursday came I felt like I missed a lot of stuff but Angie said that we didn't do anything too important.  On practice Thursday we mainly did the high jump.  The high jump is a field event where you run and jump over a bar.  High jump used to be my most favorite event and it still kind of is.  On Thursday we started off with everyone doing the high jump and then if you made it over the bar you would continue.  If you didn't make it over the bar you would have to go into the other room and do some workouts.  There was only a couple people left and the bar was at 4 feet 3 inches.  I was so nervous.  I was running and running then I jumped.  I made it over.  I was one of the few people to make it over 4 feet 3 inches.  I was so happy.  On Friday only the people who were interested in doing high jump worked on the technique that goes into the high jump.  There wasn't that much to do on Friday.  
          I was so happy that I made it through the first week of track and field practice.  I can't wait till next week!!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Track and Field

          Over the summer I had gone to this track and field camp at Guilderland High School. At the camp my friend Angie, was there. We had so much fun and we were both really good that the coach, who is the track and field team coach, said we should be on the track and field team for Guilderland.
          Angie and I were both really good at track and field and we both has so much fun that we wanted to be on the high school team.  At the camp I had beaten all of the old camp records.  The coach of the camp, Coach Scanlan, was really impressed.  I was ready to be on the track and field team bit I knew that track season is in the spring.  I felt like I couldn't wait, i was so excited.  Angie was also really excited.  Angie and I both knew that there was a special test to be on the team because it was a high school sport.  I was really nervous for the testing but I knew that it was a long way away.
          It was the beginning of February and my friend Maddie, mentioned to me that the nurses were signing up students for track and field.  I went to the nurse and got a physical form because I would need a physical with the school.  I told Angie that I signed up and that my physical was soon.  She had them went to the nurse office and signed up for track and field.  Angie had told me that she needed a physical too.  On the morning of the physical, Angie and I both looked at our time and they were the same.  They were at 12:10, during our lunch period.  They physical was really easy and after the nurses told us that we needed to stay after on Monday February 29.  We were both really nervous for the testing.  There were five different test and you had to beat 4 our of the 5 requirements for the test to pass the testing and make tit onto the team.  
          It was Monday February 29 and I was in the locker room changing for the testing.  There were many other people there that I knew and that i was friends with, including Angie. I was so nervous for the testing because that weekend I had been skiing and I was really sore.  I knew I had to do push ups and sit ups, but there was more.  When we got inot the gym we saw some of the track and field coaches.  Coach Scanlan was there.  I was still really nervous and then I realized that I didn't have to rerun the mile for the testing because I had already got the required mile time from the fall.  I still had to do the push ups, sit ups, the shuttle run, and sit and reach.  I knew that the sit and reach was easy so I did that first and powered through it.  Nest up was the shuttle run.  There is 2 blue line 30 feet apart and 2 bean bags on the opposite side that you start at.  You start on one side run and get a bean bag, run with the bag and put it behind the line, then run back and grab the second bean bag and run through the last line.  I had to do it under 10.2 seconds.  I was really surprised because I got 9.9 seconds.  I had made the team!!! 
          I was so happy that i made the team  Angie also made the team!  Our first practice is next Monday.  I can't wait!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Start Of My Rubik's Cube Collection

     I have always been facinated by rubik's cubes.  Last year before Thanksgivving I got my first 3x3x3 rubik's cube. 
     This school year on my bus ride home these kids on my bus would always have rubik's cube.  I was looking at them and trying to figure out how to solve one.  I was talking to my mom about the kids and how they can solve a rubik's cube and how I really wanted to get a rubik's cube.  My mom kept saying "maybe for you birthday you can get a rubik's cube."  My birthday was 4 months away.  I didn't want to wait that long, I wanted to get it now.  It's about a month later and I was looking on Amazon and I saw a section that said what I might like to get.  I looked in the section and saw a rubik's cube.  I showed my mom right away and she said "maybe for your birthday."  I was so anxious that I went right to my room and started searching on YouTube how to solve a rubik's cube.  It was very hard to follow the videos because I didn't have a rubik's cube to practice on.
     It was a little before Thanksgiving break and I was on my bus anf the kids on my bus all had their rubik's cube and I really wanted to solve it but I was not exactly sure how to.  Right when I got home I told my mom about the kids on my bus.  I told her how I really wanted a rubik's cube.  She then said "you are doing so well in school and I would like you to have a rubik's cube."  She then took a rubik's cube out of the desk in the kitchen and I started screaming.  I was so excited.  I said thank you about one thousand times.  I took it right out of the box and started screaming.  Once I took it out of the box I started to turn it but not mixing it up.  I was so scared about mixing it up.
     It had been about 10 minutes and I was turning it and I by accidentally started to mix it up.  I tried to undo the moves I did but I couldn't.  I was so sad when I mixed it up.  I started to try and solve it on my own.  I tried to solve it on my own for about a week but I couldn't solve it.  After a couple days of it being mixed to I then looked on YouTube for the videos that I found before on how to solve a rubik's cube.  I found a really good video and I then I started to solve it.  The video was really confusing and I didn't really understand it at first but then I figured it out.  I had written the moces to do on a piece of paper so I could use it later on.  Once I got the hang of it, I would only get stuck on the last moves.  It was anawesome feeling when I was able to solve the rubik's cube all on my own.
    I am so glad that I am able to solve a rubik's cube.  It is the best feeling in the world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Soccer From a Goalies Perspective

     Soccer is my all time favorite sport.  I love playing soccer while being with my friends.  But the way the field players view soccer is different from how I view soccer as a goalie.  I love being goalie but it's also fun to play on the field because it's a different feeling.
     I love being goalie.  There are many different things you need to know.  You need to know where all the field players are supposed to be, where the ball line is (a imaginary line between the ball and the middle of the goal), and more.  I have practice every Wednesday and during that practice I only work on the field in in goal.  I also have practices on Saturday, during those practices I work in goal and I also have a mini training session with my coaches son, Colan.  I love both practices because I get to be with my friends.  On Wednesday practices I always think about where the players have to be on the field.  It is almost weird playing on the field when I am a goalie.  Every once in a while I play on the field in some games.  This only happens if we are winning by a lot or the other goalie is there.
    Whenever I play on the field I always think about what I cash do to help it the other goalie.  I know what to do because when I'm in goal I tell people what to do, so I know what the other goalie wants me to do.  The other goalie, Gwen, is really nice but she is a great goalie and yells really loud to tell people what to do. In the past years that I have been goalie I was just starting to like it.  Last year was the year that I finally realized that I loved it.  This year I have been given a new challenge for being in goal.  While in goal my coach has told me to start to yell.  Whenever I am in goal I am always thinking about what I could say to help the players.  The thing is that I never actually say it.  This year my goalie trainer, coach, and my coaches son are all trying to get me to yell.  Yelling seems like an easy thing.  For me it isn't.  I don't know why though because I can yell at home, but whenever I am in a game I can't yell.
     There is a lot of pressure on a goalie.  In any sport everyone will make mistakes.  No one is perfect.  But there is a big difference between when a player on the field makes a mistake and when a goalie makes a mistake.  If a field player makes a mistake that just means that the other team gets a free kick or a throw in but when a goalie makes a mistake it's a lot different.  If a goalie makes a mistake the whole game is on that mistake.  When a goalie makes a mistake the other team is gonna score.  I have made a couple mistakes while being a goalie but I know that there are a lot more mistakes on the way.  There are many videos on you tube about goalies making mistakes but when a field player makes a mistake that's nothing.  I have made several silly mistakes that I look back at and laugh at them.  I don't beat myself up because I get scored on, I just think about what I could have done better and what I did wrong.
     Being in goal is a lot of fun.  There are many challenges being a goalie and there is a lot of pressure.  I want to always be a goalie.  I hope that I can always be a goalie and be apart of a team.     

Friday, January 29, 2016

Helping Others

     January 26 was a very special day.  Today was a day were I got to help others at St. John's Outreach Center.  My partner Alex and I helped serve many people by being their waiter and giving them a five star restaurant experience.
     I always want to help others.  January 26 was a day I got to do exactly that.  Some students on my Hiawatha 7 team has offered to go to St. Johns Outreach Center.  My friend Alex and I wanted I go help out so we both brought in a permission slip to go.  We were both really excited.  On the day of the field trip we couldn't wait to go.  We would leave school early, we would leave during our first class of the school day.  We would leave school during our world language class.  Alex would be in French class and I would be in Spanish.  We would be out of school for most of the day.  When we went to our world language class we would be leaving in 20 minutes to go to the field trip.  When we left our world language class we went strait to our lockers to put our binders away and to grab our lunches.  Once we got our lunches and put our binders away we went downstairs to the house office. When we got down to the house office there were a couple other people there.  There were also a couple bags and boxes of clothes that we were gonna donate.  We had to stay by the house office for a little because the bus was late top pick us up.
     Once we were on the bus we had a great time.  I was sitting next to my partner Alex and we were laughing so much.  When were near Albany and close to St. Johns Outreach Center we got a little lost.  The bus driver kept going in circles around the same block.  My mom was a chaperon and she drove herself so she was texting me asking where we were.  When we finally got there we had to sign in and put our names on name tags.  Once we had our name tags we went to the office to put our coats and put our lunches in the refrigerator.  With everyone signed in and everyone's lunches put away we sat down at the tables and we all listened to Cookie, she was a volunteer there.  Cookie talked to us about what we would be doing and how to do it.  We were very excited to start but first we had to eat our own lunches.  While eating our lunches Alex and I talked about how we were both kind of nervous.  We were nervous because we would be peoples waiters.  Once we finished eating it was almost time to start.  Alex and I got assigned a table and then they opened the doors to let people in.
     Cookie opened the doors and people started to come in.  Our first instruction was to just stand smile and greet people.  We could not serve food until everyone was settles and Cookie gave a prayer.  After that we had to first ask people if they wanted a salad.  We didn't have to do the drinks because the first round of drinks the teachers do but after that we do the rest of the drinks.  If someone wanted a salad you would go to the salad cart and grab a bowl of salad.  Alex and I had to work together so normally I got the salads while Alex asked about drinks and who wanted what.  When I came back with the salads I finished helping Alex with the drinks and then we walked away, but so we could still see the table.  We watched to see if they finished their drinks or salad.  If they finished their salad we would ask them if they would like their lunch.  They could either want pork or beans or both.  Most people had both.  With their food and drinks they eat while Alex and I watched until they needed anything.  If they finished their lunch they could get seconds.  Some people wanted seconds but not to many people did.  I they finished their seconds or they didn't want seconds we would ask if they wanted desert.  If they said yes then we would go over to the desert table and grab them a desert.  When they finished their desert they could leave whenever they wanted to.  If they left Alex and I would grab their place mat, plates, cup, and silverware and bring it to a bucket that would go to the sink to be cleaned.  After we cleared off the table we had to get a teacher top come over and wipe down the table.  With the table wiped down we were ready for a new person to come in.  If someone did we would set them a place and serve them like everyone else.  We did the same thing for about 2 hours.  Once the bus came there were still a couple people eating but other volunteers were there to help.  We loaded the bus and headed back to the school.  We got back during access.
     The 26th was a great day because I got to help others and hangout with my friends.  I hop that we get to go to St. Johns Outreach Center again.  I will always remember January 26, 2016!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Birthday Fun

     My birthday is coming up and I have the best plans.  My bithday is on Martin Luther King Jr. birthday, January 15.  This year my bithday is on a Friday. 
     Last year my birthday was on a Thursday.  I love last year because I'm Thursday's I go to ski club.  On the bus ride to Jimminy Peak(where we go skiing for ski club) the whole bus sang happy birthday to me.  It was awesome.  I also got to ski with my friends on my birthday which was even better because I love skiing and hanging out with my friends.  Last years birthday was really fun, but the year before that was really cool.  My grandma had hired an actress to pretend to be a decendent of Ned Parfet. 
     My grandma had always know that I love the Titanic.  She also knows that in almost every titanic book there is a picture of a newspaper boy holding a newspaper that says "Titanic Disaster Great Loss of Life Evening News".  The newspapers boys name is Ned Parfett.  Ned Parfett was in every Titanic book that I read.  Ned's story was incredable.  He had served in a war and I'm his way home he stoped at a drycleaner to get his uniform and sadly the drycleaner store has got bombed and Ned Parfett died.  Ned is such an insparation to me.
     It was my family birthday party and the door ball rang.  It was strang though because we were already eating desert and everyone was at the party.  I got the door and it was this tall lady waith curly hair and she introduced herself and said "Hi I'm Nedra a decendant of Ned Parfett.  I heard that you were facinated with the Titanic.  I stopped by to see you while in my way home back to England."  I didn't know what to say I was so shocked.  I thout it was so cool.  Once she had come inside she said she had a gift for me.  It was in her breif case and when she opened it it was a hat.  She said that it was Ned Parfett's hat and that she wanted me to have it.  The hat looked exactly like the one that I had worn when I was Ned Parfett for Halloween.  Inc ahe finished giving me her gift everyone was about ready to leave the party.  As everyone was leaving she stayed.  She stayed for a really long time talking about her cats.  After she left I thanked my grandma for such a great present. 
     Nedra was the best present I have ever had.  I love the thought into it and how she really new I would like it.  I hope my grandma will come up with an even better gift this year.  I always have fun on my birthday with my family.


Friday, January 8, 2016

Nanoblock Titanic

     I have loved Titanic sense 2012.  I don't know why I love the Titanic so much.  I recently wanted to get this Nanoblock Titanic model, and over Christmas break I did.
     I have lots of models of the Titanic.  I have a puzzle of Titanic, a 3D puzzle of Titanic, and much much more.  I have always wanted to get a Lego Titanic model.  I spent many hours searching the web for a Lego Titanic.  I never could find one.  There were many other lego ships but not Titanic.  One time when I searched Lego Titanic in Amazon an item showed up that looked like legos.  I read what it was and it was a Nanoblock Titanic.  I was so excited and I did some research about Nanoblocks. 
     I was really excited when I found it.  I wanted to get the Nanoblock Titanic right away when I found it on Amazon it was around September.  I told my parents about it and they said wait till Christmas.  I didn't want to because it was to far of a wait.  I was waiting so much and kept asking my parents about the Nanoblock Titanic.  I googled lots of pictures and videos of it.  I was looking on Amazon and it said that you needed tweezers to build it.  The pieces were really small compared to legos.  I was ready for the challenge.
     I'm Christmas day I was so exited.  I really wanted to get the Nanoblock Titanic.  It had been a really long wait sense I found it on Amazon.  I was opening my present and I saw the Titanic on the left side and I knew right away that it was a Nanoblock Titanic.  I wanted to build it right away but I still had more presents to open.  I kept opening my gifts and I opened one gift and it was the tweezers to the Nanoblock Titanic.  I was so excited because I was almost ready to build it.
     When I started building the Nanoblock Titanic I wanted to finish it right away.  I worked so hard to finish it.  I was so determined to finish it that I was up till midnight working on it.  To build the entire Titanic it probably took me about 2 hours.  It looks great with all my other models.
     I'm so happy that I got the Nanoblock Titanic for Christmas.  It is my favorite Titanic model.  I will keep looking for models of the Titanic.  I will always love the Titanic.

Friday, January 1, 2016

The Fun Of Snow!!!

     Skiing is my favorite thing ever.  I love the feeling so much.  I also snowboard which is as much fun. I like skiing better because it's easier but snowboarding is a greater challenge.
     If I could choose a favorite sport, I'm not sure what I could choose. But if I could choose one to do for hours and hours, and not take a break it would be skiing. It's actually really fun. Yes I like hanging out with friends there, and night skiing, but it's relaxing. You can think about the deepest stuff sometimes and get your mind off things. It's relaxing and the brisk air rubs against you. But it's also exciting. Skiing is a sport where you challenge yourself. You don't rely on a team, and you can do it however you want. No rules at all, and it gives you a big rush.
     I have been skiing for 3 years. I still have a lot to learn, but I'm a pretty good skier. I love going on skiing trips, talking with my friends on the chair lift and all of that. But skiing gives me "freedom". It's relaxing and thrilling all at once. You concentrate, but can think about almost anything. It gives you this rush of energy, especially on steep trials. At some mountains I've skied just about every trail. When you turn on the perfect snow is like the best feeling in the world.  I always go to this mountain called Windham.  When we go we get free passes because my dad works in the first aid center.
     I just love skiing so much. It challenging, fun, relaxing but thrilling, and you can do stuff with your friends. I usually spend the whole day outside and don't go inside at all.  I hope I can continue to ski for a long time.  My sister and I spend lots of time together when skiing.  We love to go off trail and into the woods.  We also like to play this game called Bumper Skis that we made up.  In this game my sister and I start on opposite sides of the trail and then start to ski right at each other and try to knock each other down.  I have lots of fun wither her playing different games. 
     I love skiing so much that I never want to stop.  I love spending time with friends and my sister.  I will always ski as long as I am alive!!!