Friday, January 29, 2016

Helping Others

     January 26 was a very special day.  Today was a day were I got to help others at St. John's Outreach Center.  My partner Alex and I helped serve many people by being their waiter and giving them a five star restaurant experience.
     I always want to help others.  January 26 was a day I got to do exactly that.  Some students on my Hiawatha 7 team has offered to go to St. Johns Outreach Center.  My friend Alex and I wanted I go help out so we both brought in a permission slip to go.  We were both really excited.  On the day of the field trip we couldn't wait to go.  We would leave school early, we would leave during our first class of the school day.  We would leave school during our world language class.  Alex would be in French class and I would be in Spanish.  We would be out of school for most of the day.  When we went to our world language class we would be leaving in 20 minutes to go to the field trip.  When we left our world language class we went strait to our lockers to put our binders away and to grab our lunches.  Once we got our lunches and put our binders away we went downstairs to the house office. When we got down to the house office there were a couple other people there.  There were also a couple bags and boxes of clothes that we were gonna donate.  We had to stay by the house office for a little because the bus was late top pick us up.
     Once we were on the bus we had a great time.  I was sitting next to my partner Alex and we were laughing so much.  When were near Albany and close to St. Johns Outreach Center we got a little lost.  The bus driver kept going in circles around the same block.  My mom was a chaperon and she drove herself so she was texting me asking where we were.  When we finally got there we had to sign in and put our names on name tags.  Once we had our name tags we went to the office to put our coats and put our lunches in the refrigerator.  With everyone signed in and everyone's lunches put away we sat down at the tables and we all listened to Cookie, she was a volunteer there.  Cookie talked to us about what we would be doing and how to do it.  We were very excited to start but first we had to eat our own lunches.  While eating our lunches Alex and I talked about how we were both kind of nervous.  We were nervous because we would be peoples waiters.  Once we finished eating it was almost time to start.  Alex and I got assigned a table and then they opened the doors to let people in.
     Cookie opened the doors and people started to come in.  Our first instruction was to just stand smile and greet people.  We could not serve food until everyone was settles and Cookie gave a prayer.  After that we had to first ask people if they wanted a salad.  We didn't have to do the drinks because the first round of drinks the teachers do but after that we do the rest of the drinks.  If someone wanted a salad you would go to the salad cart and grab a bowl of salad.  Alex and I had to work together so normally I got the salads while Alex asked about drinks and who wanted what.  When I came back with the salads I finished helping Alex with the drinks and then we walked away, but so we could still see the table.  We watched to see if they finished their drinks or salad.  If they finished their salad we would ask them if they would like their lunch.  They could either want pork or beans or both.  Most people had both.  With their food and drinks they eat while Alex and I watched until they needed anything.  If they finished their lunch they could get seconds.  Some people wanted seconds but not to many people did.  I they finished their seconds or they didn't want seconds we would ask if they wanted desert.  If they said yes then we would go over to the desert table and grab them a desert.  When they finished their desert they could leave whenever they wanted to.  If they left Alex and I would grab their place mat, plates, cup, and silverware and bring it to a bucket that would go to the sink to be cleaned.  After we cleared off the table we had to get a teacher top come over and wipe down the table.  With the table wiped down we were ready for a new person to come in.  If someone did we would set them a place and serve them like everyone else.  We did the same thing for about 2 hours.  Once the bus came there were still a couple people eating but other volunteers were there to help.  We loaded the bus and headed back to the school.  We got back during access.
     The 26th was a great day because I got to help others and hangout with my friends.  I hop that we get to go to St. Johns Outreach Center again.  I will always remember January 26, 2016!!!

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