Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Birthday Fun

     My birthday is coming up and I have the best plans.  My bithday is on Martin Luther King Jr. birthday, January 15.  This year my bithday is on a Friday. 
     Last year my birthday was on a Thursday.  I love last year because I'm Thursday's I go to ski club.  On the bus ride to Jimminy Peak(where we go skiing for ski club) the whole bus sang happy birthday to me.  It was awesome.  I also got to ski with my friends on my birthday which was even better because I love skiing and hanging out with my friends.  Last years birthday was really fun, but the year before that was really cool.  My grandma had hired an actress to pretend to be a decendent of Ned Parfet. 
     My grandma had always know that I love the Titanic.  She also knows that in almost every titanic book there is a picture of a newspaper boy holding a newspaper that says "Titanic Disaster Great Loss of Life Evening News".  The newspapers boys name is Ned Parfett.  Ned Parfett was in every Titanic book that I read.  Ned's story was incredable.  He had served in a war and I'm his way home he stoped at a drycleaner to get his uniform and sadly the drycleaner store has got bombed and Ned Parfett died.  Ned is such an insparation to me.
     It was my family birthday party and the door ball rang.  It was strang though because we were already eating desert and everyone was at the party.  I got the door and it was this tall lady waith curly hair and she introduced herself and said "Hi I'm Nedra a decendant of Ned Parfett.  I heard that you were facinated with the Titanic.  I stopped by to see you while in my way home back to England."  I didn't know what to say I was so shocked.  I thout it was so cool.  Once she had come inside she said she had a gift for me.  It was in her breif case and when she opened it it was a hat.  She said that it was Ned Parfett's hat and that she wanted me to have it.  The hat looked exactly like the one that I had worn when I was Ned Parfett for Halloween.  Inc ahe finished giving me her gift everyone was about ready to leave the party.  As everyone was leaving she stayed.  She stayed for a really long time talking about her cats.  After she left I thanked my grandma for such a great present. 
     Nedra was the best present I have ever had.  I love the thought into it and how she really new I would like it.  I hope my grandma will come up with an even better gift this year.  I always have fun on my birthday with my family.


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