Friday, January 8, 2016

Nanoblock Titanic

     I have loved Titanic sense 2012.  I don't know why I love the Titanic so much.  I recently wanted to get this Nanoblock Titanic model, and over Christmas break I did.
     I have lots of models of the Titanic.  I have a puzzle of Titanic, a 3D puzzle of Titanic, and much much more.  I have always wanted to get a Lego Titanic model.  I spent many hours searching the web for a Lego Titanic.  I never could find one.  There were many other lego ships but not Titanic.  One time when I searched Lego Titanic in Amazon an item showed up that looked like legos.  I read what it was and it was a Nanoblock Titanic.  I was so excited and I did some research about Nanoblocks. 
     I was really excited when I found it.  I wanted to get the Nanoblock Titanic right away when I found it on Amazon it was around September.  I told my parents about it and they said wait till Christmas.  I didn't want to because it was to far of a wait.  I was waiting so much and kept asking my parents about the Nanoblock Titanic.  I googled lots of pictures and videos of it.  I was looking on Amazon and it said that you needed tweezers to build it.  The pieces were really small compared to legos.  I was ready for the challenge.
     I'm Christmas day I was so exited.  I really wanted to get the Nanoblock Titanic.  It had been a really long wait sense I found it on Amazon.  I was opening my present and I saw the Titanic on the left side and I knew right away that it was a Nanoblock Titanic.  I wanted to build it right away but I still had more presents to open.  I kept opening my gifts and I opened one gift and it was the tweezers to the Nanoblock Titanic.  I was so excited because I was almost ready to build it.
     When I started building the Nanoblock Titanic I wanted to finish it right away.  I worked so hard to finish it.  I was so determined to finish it that I was up till midnight working on it.  To build the entire Titanic it probably took me about 2 hours.  It looks great with all my other models.
     I'm so happy that I got the Nanoblock Titanic for Christmas.  It is my favorite Titanic model.  I will keep looking for models of the Titanic.  I will always love the Titanic.

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