Friday, February 19, 2016

The Start Of My Rubik's Cube Collection

     I have always been facinated by rubik's cubes.  Last year before Thanksgivving I got my first 3x3x3 rubik's cube. 
     This school year on my bus ride home these kids on my bus would always have rubik's cube.  I was looking at them and trying to figure out how to solve one.  I was talking to my mom about the kids and how they can solve a rubik's cube and how I really wanted to get a rubik's cube.  My mom kept saying "maybe for you birthday you can get a rubik's cube."  My birthday was 4 months away.  I didn't want to wait that long, I wanted to get it now.  It's about a month later and I was looking on Amazon and I saw a section that said what I might like to get.  I looked in the section and saw a rubik's cube.  I showed my mom right away and she said "maybe for your birthday."  I was so anxious that I went right to my room and started searching on YouTube how to solve a rubik's cube.  It was very hard to follow the videos because I didn't have a rubik's cube to practice on.
     It was a little before Thanksgiving break and I was on my bus anf the kids on my bus all had their rubik's cube and I really wanted to solve it but I was not exactly sure how to.  Right when I got home I told my mom about the kids on my bus.  I told her how I really wanted a rubik's cube.  She then said "you are doing so well in school and I would like you to have a rubik's cube."  She then took a rubik's cube out of the desk in the kitchen and I started screaming.  I was so excited.  I said thank you about one thousand times.  I took it right out of the box and started screaming.  Once I took it out of the box I started to turn it but not mixing it up.  I was so scared about mixing it up.
     It had been about 10 minutes and I was turning it and I by accidentally started to mix it up.  I tried to undo the moves I did but I couldn't.  I was so sad when I mixed it up.  I started to try and solve it on my own.  I tried to solve it on my own for about a week but I couldn't solve it.  After a couple days of it being mixed to I then looked on YouTube for the videos that I found before on how to solve a rubik's cube.  I found a really good video and I then I started to solve it.  The video was really confusing and I didn't really understand it at first but then I figured it out.  I had written the moces to do on a piece of paper so I could use it later on.  Once I got the hang of it, I would only get stuck on the last moves.  It was anawesome feeling when I was able to solve the rubik's cube all on my own.
    I am so glad that I am able to solve a rubik's cube.  It is the best feeling in the world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Soccer From a Goalies Perspective

     Soccer is my all time favorite sport.  I love playing soccer while being with my friends.  But the way the field players view soccer is different from how I view soccer as a goalie.  I love being goalie but it's also fun to play on the field because it's a different feeling.
     I love being goalie.  There are many different things you need to know.  You need to know where all the field players are supposed to be, where the ball line is (a imaginary line between the ball and the middle of the goal), and more.  I have practice every Wednesday and during that practice I only work on the field in in goal.  I also have practices on Saturday, during those practices I work in goal and I also have a mini training session with my coaches son, Colan.  I love both practices because I get to be with my friends.  On Wednesday practices I always think about where the players have to be on the field.  It is almost weird playing on the field when I am a goalie.  Every once in a while I play on the field in some games.  This only happens if we are winning by a lot or the other goalie is there.
    Whenever I play on the field I always think about what I cash do to help it the other goalie.  I know what to do because when I'm in goal I tell people what to do, so I know what the other goalie wants me to do.  The other goalie, Gwen, is really nice but she is a great goalie and yells really loud to tell people what to do. In the past years that I have been goalie I was just starting to like it.  Last year was the year that I finally realized that I loved it.  This year I have been given a new challenge for being in goal.  While in goal my coach has told me to start to yell.  Whenever I am in goal I am always thinking about what I could say to help the players.  The thing is that I never actually say it.  This year my goalie trainer, coach, and my coaches son are all trying to get me to yell.  Yelling seems like an easy thing.  For me it isn't.  I don't know why though because I can yell at home, but whenever I am in a game I can't yell.
     There is a lot of pressure on a goalie.  In any sport everyone will make mistakes.  No one is perfect.  But there is a big difference between when a player on the field makes a mistake and when a goalie makes a mistake.  If a field player makes a mistake that just means that the other team gets a free kick or a throw in but when a goalie makes a mistake it's a lot different.  If a goalie makes a mistake the whole game is on that mistake.  When a goalie makes a mistake the other team is gonna score.  I have made a couple mistakes while being a goalie but I know that there are a lot more mistakes on the way.  There are many videos on you tube about goalies making mistakes but when a field player makes a mistake that's nothing.  I have made several silly mistakes that I look back at and laugh at them.  I don't beat myself up because I get scored on, I just think about what I could have done better and what I did wrong.
     Being in goal is a lot of fun.  There are many challenges being a goalie and there is a lot of pressure.  I want to always be a goalie.  I hope that I can always be a goalie and be apart of a team.