Friday, March 25, 2016

St. Baldrick's

     This past Sunday was such an awesome day.  My friends and I got to shave our heads for childhood cancer research.  I hope to always be involved in some sort of way with St. Baldrick's.
     This Sunday Meghan, Life, and I all shaved our heads for childhood cancer research.  We all shaved out heads at Westmere Fire Department for St. Baldrick's.  For the last three years we all have shave our heads and this would me Meghan's and I last year shaving our heads.  I'm the beginning of the year we were both very positive that we wernt shaving out heads but then we started talking to each other about it.  We both said that if one of us shaved  our head that the other one of us would.  So we both decided to have our heads and Life would shave his head anytime because it is a free haircut for him.
     It felt like Sunday morning was the longest day for my life.  I would be shaving my head at 2:20 so I had to wait a long time.  I wasn't nervous at all.  I didn't really even think about shaving my head because I had some it the last 2 years.  This would be my third year shaving my head.  I couldn't wait to shave my head because I love the way my headfeels after it is shaved.  I want to get to Westmere Fire Department early so I could see some other shave their heads and so I could talk to Meghan.  I got there around 1 so I was about and house early.  Once I got there I went to find Meghan.  I found he and we both started talking about how excited we were to shave our heads.  As it go closer to the time that I was shaving my head more people I knew started to show up, including some kids on my soccer team and my grandparents.
     It was 2:20 and Meghan and I got really nervous all of a sudden.  Our names were called to go up to the stage to shave our heads.  Meghan and I wanted to sit next to each other so we did and we both got a little bit more calm.  They were about to start and Meghan and I looked at each other and smiled.  They then turned the razors on and started to shave our heads.  I was smileing during the whole time and looking at my family and friends.  It is such and awesome feeling to be shaving my head.  Once they were done Meghan and I walked off the stage together.  We were both really proud of each other and were happy for each other. 
     I loved shaving my head for St. Baldrick's with Meghan.  I hope we will both stay involved with it for a long time.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Welcome To The Family Charlie

     Recently I had a new addition to my family.  So you might think this is about a new baby brother in my family.  Well it's not, it's about a new hamster in my family. 
     On this past Tuesday my mom had bought a new hamster cage for my hamster, Hammy.  Hammy had a cage but it was breaking apart and so my mom wanted to get a new cage.  During school she went to PetSmart and bought a cage.  Once I got home from school I saw the hamster cage and I said to my mom "Can I put the cage together."  Of course my mom said yes so I put my school bags down and brought the new cage to the living room to set the cage up.  Once I got to the living room I opened the cardboard box that had all the pieces in it.  There wasn't any small pieces so it wasn't to hard to set up.  I followed the instructions on how to set it up and it was really easy.  Now it was time to put Hammy in and see if he like a it.
     With the cage all put together I put Hammy's bedding in the bottom of the cage.  Now it was time.  I took Hammy out of his old cage and put him in his new cage.  Hammy seemed like he liked it but there was one problem.  There was a small tube to get from the first floor to the second floor and I didn't know if Hammy would fit.  I kept trying to get Hammy to go up the tube but he wouldn't.  So after a bunch of tries I took one of Hammy's treats and tied a piece of string to it.  I held on to the string but put the treat at the bottom of the tube.  Hammy saw it and went right to it.  Right as Hammy would go to bite the treat I would have to pull it up.  He got halfway through the tube and he looked like he was going to get stuck.  His fur was all pushed back and was really tight.  He kept going inch by inch and he was almost out and I gave him the treat.  My mom was nervous about Hammy going up the tube alone so she was going to return the cage.  My mom started to joke around saying why don't we just but a smaller hamster.  I thought she was joking but the next day I realized she wasn't.
My cats love the hamsters:)
     I was on my way home from school on the bus and I saw that I had a bunch of texts from my mom.  She had sent me several pictures but they weren't loading and eventually they did.  I looked at the pictures and got really excited.  It was pictures of a hamster.  My mom had got a hamster.  Once I saw the pictures I started to show my friends and ask them what I should name it.  My friend Angie said that I should name it  Charlie.  I liked the name Charlie so once I got home I told my mom and she agreed that it name would be Charlie.  My sister didn't like the name Charlie that much but she doesn't care.  I started to play with Charlie right when I got home.  Charlie is so small and he fits in just one of my hands.  I love Charlie so much and he is so cute.
     My new addition to my family is a hamster and his name is Charlie.  So I can say my mom didn't want to return the hamster cage so she just bought a new hamster.  I hope Charlie lives a long and happy life.  Welcome to the family Charlie.

Friday, March 11, 2016

My First Week of Track and Field

          Recently I had made the high school track and field team.  This monday was out first practice and I couldn't wait.  I was so excited even though I only had to wait about a week it felt like a year.
          On Monday morning my friend Angie and I were really nervous.  It was going to be out first day of track and field practice.  On the Friday of that weekend Angie and I had gone to the mall together to get stuff for track and field.  We had lots of fun.  We were both really excited for Monday.  On Monday morning we had all of the stuff that we needed and were ready to start practicing.  Since the track and field team is only a high school sport we would have to go to the high school for practice.  So everyday right when the ball rings for school Angie and I go strait to put lockers to get out bags then head out to the front of our school where a bus is waiting to bring us to the high school.  Angie and I try to get to the bus as soon as possible because the bus gets packed really quickly.  Once we get on the bus we wait for everyone to get on.  There are lots of people on the bus because there are several high school spots that middle school kids do.  When we arrive at the high school our track and field practice has already started for the high school kids so we have to go to the locker room to change quickly.  After we change we have to go to the wrestling room to drop out bags off and then we have to find out coach.
          Monday was our first day of practice and when we got into the high school there were some high school students on the track and field team showing us where to go.  It had been a very long day and I was still really nervous.  When the high school students showed us the locker room we all then went to change.  Once we all changed we then went into the wrestling room where all the coaches talked about what we would be doing this season and about what we would do the first week.  The coaches didn't talk for to long but once they were finished talking we went outside to the track.  For the first 30 minutes of practice we ran nonstop.  I ended up running 3 miles.  It was crazy.  The rest of the practice we were inside doing a bunch of different exercises that would be good for any event.  The first day of practice was awesome because I was so excited to be on the team.  
          On Tuesday and Wednesday I would not be able to go to practice because on Tuesday I had an eye doctors appointment and on Wednesday I had ski club.  So by the time Thursday came I felt like I missed a lot of stuff but Angie said that we didn't do anything too important.  On practice Thursday we mainly did the high jump.  The high jump is a field event where you run and jump over a bar.  High jump used to be my most favorite event and it still kind of is.  On Thursday we started off with everyone doing the high jump and then if you made it over the bar you would continue.  If you didn't make it over the bar you would have to go into the other room and do some workouts.  There was only a couple people left and the bar was at 4 feet 3 inches.  I was so nervous.  I was running and running then I jumped.  I made it over.  I was one of the few people to make it over 4 feet 3 inches.  I was so happy.  On Friday only the people who were interested in doing high jump worked on the technique that goes into the high jump.  There wasn't that much to do on Friday.  
          I was so happy that I made it through the first week of track and field practice.  I can't wait till next week!!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Track and Field

          Over the summer I had gone to this track and field camp at Guilderland High School. At the camp my friend Angie, was there. We had so much fun and we were both really good that the coach, who is the track and field team coach, said we should be on the track and field team for Guilderland.
          Angie and I were both really good at track and field and we both has so much fun that we wanted to be on the high school team.  At the camp I had beaten all of the old camp records.  The coach of the camp, Coach Scanlan, was really impressed.  I was ready to be on the track and field team bit I knew that track season is in the spring.  I felt like I couldn't wait, i was so excited.  Angie was also really excited.  Angie and I both knew that there was a special test to be on the team because it was a high school sport.  I was really nervous for the testing but I knew that it was a long way away.
          It was the beginning of February and my friend Maddie, mentioned to me that the nurses were signing up students for track and field.  I went to the nurse and got a physical form because I would need a physical with the school.  I told Angie that I signed up and that my physical was soon.  She had them went to the nurse office and signed up for track and field.  Angie had told me that she needed a physical too.  On the morning of the physical, Angie and I both looked at our time and they were the same.  They were at 12:10, during our lunch period.  They physical was really easy and after the nurses told us that we needed to stay after on Monday February 29.  We were both really nervous for the testing.  There were five different test and you had to beat 4 our of the 5 requirements for the test to pass the testing and make tit onto the team.  
          It was Monday February 29 and I was in the locker room changing for the testing.  There were many other people there that I knew and that i was friends with, including Angie. I was so nervous for the testing because that weekend I had been skiing and I was really sore.  I knew I had to do push ups and sit ups, but there was more.  When we got inot the gym we saw some of the track and field coaches.  Coach Scanlan was there.  I was still really nervous and then I realized that I didn't have to rerun the mile for the testing because I had already got the required mile time from the fall.  I still had to do the push ups, sit ups, the shuttle run, and sit and reach.  I knew that the sit and reach was easy so I did that first and powered through it.  Nest up was the shuttle run.  There is 2 blue line 30 feet apart and 2 bean bags on the opposite side that you start at.  You start on one side run and get a bean bag, run with the bag and put it behind the line, then run back and grab the second bean bag and run through the last line.  I had to do it under 10.2 seconds.  I was really surprised because I got 9.9 seconds.  I had made the team!!! 
          I was so happy that i made the team  Angie also made the team!  Our first practice is next Monday.  I can't wait!!!