Friday, April 29, 2016

Track And Field So Far

          Track and field has been so fun this season.  I have meet many people and have tried many new events.  I can't wait to try new events and learn more.
          This season of track has been amazing.  I have learned so much and already beat many of my own personal records.  I started off the season with long jump, high jump, triple jump, and sprinting but this season I have now started hurdling and I've been doing longer distances such at the 400 meter and the 800 meter.  My coach is very nice and wants me to try lots of event.  When I started hurdling he said that I was good and now I am doing more and more hurdling.  I mainly just do the 100 meter hurdles.  At almost every meet I have done the maximum of four events.  I have been doing the the long jump, high jump, triple jump, and a running event and now it will mostly be hurdles.
          Track is such a great experience.  I have learned so much and met many new people that share my same interests in track.  I have also beat many of my personal records in the beginning of the season.  At every signal meet I have beat one of my own personal records.  It is such a great feeling when I beat one of my personal record and be able to look back at my coaches smiling and them smiling back.  I hope to beat a lot more records n my future and have that great feeling again.
          Tomorrow is going to be an awesome and long day for me.  Tomorrow is a very important track meet for our team.  Not many people are going to this meet and I got the honor to go.  I a nervous about this meet because this meet is only varsity people and it will be my first meet doing the pentathlon.  A pentathlon is when you do five event.  The events are 100 meter hurdles, shot put, long jump, high jump, and the 800 meter.  I am very excited and can't wait to try some new events.  I am very nervous for the 800 meter run because it is one one of the hardest runs because it is difficult to pace yourself.  It is half a mile and is almost a sprint but also a jog.  I am very nervous but more excited for my meet tomorrow.
          I love track so much and never want it to end.  I still have a lot left of the track season but it will go by so fast.  I can't wait till next year to learn more and try more events in the track and field season.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Superhero Me

          If I were a superhero I would be the best superhero in the world.  I would have many powers and achieve lots.  My name would be "The Flying Titanic"... AKA (Also Known As) "The Best Super Hero in The World, With All The Super Powers in The World" (AKA, TBSHTW,WATSPTW).  And yes, that is my superhero name.  I will have all the powers in the world.  I would have X-Ray vision, laser vision, super speed, super strength, flying powers, and many many more powers.
          My superhero would save many people all over the world no matter what.  Although my superhero's main job is to save all sinking ships and save the people on them.  Back in 1912 was my superhero's greatest mission.  To save the Titanic.  I had saved all of the people and stopped the ship from sinking in the first place.  Being a superhero would be really fun but you would have a lot of responsibilities.
          I would have to go whenever anyone needs me.  I would be like Super Man and change really fast in a telephone booth.  I would love to be a superhero and save lives.  But I would want my superhero side to be a secret so no one would know it was me.  The Flying Titanic to the rescue.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Mistake Ruins it All

          Talking on a phone while driving is a very bad idea.  Many people could get hurt just from someones mistake.
          I feel that talking on a phone while driving is a very bad thing to do and an even worse habit to get into.  Talking on a phone while driving is very dangerous.  Many bad things can happen just from answering a phone call or a text.  Some things that could happen if you use your phone while driving is that you could injure or even kill yourself or someone else.  You could damage your car and have to pay many fines for the damage.
          Bluetooth is better than actually using you phone. by hand.  Even though some people think Bluetooth is safe its really not.  Studies have shown that it is still bad to talk on the phone using Bluetooth because it distracts you from the road.  If you get a phone call and you think that it is important then pull over and answer it.  Some great ways to prevent you from talking on the phone while driving is to turn your phone off, if you don't want to do that you can even put your phone is driving mode, also just put your phone out of sight.  You could even have someone else in the car answer our phone for you.  When you look down at your phone you are putting yourself and others at risk.  Everything can wait.
          Try to encourage other people to not use their phones while driving and just put their phone down.  Don't put yourself or others at risk and drive safely.  Next time you get in a car turn your phone off so it won't distract you.  No one in the world needs to be distracted while driving.  All your focus should be on the road ahead of you.