Monday, June 13, 2016

My Soccer Tournament

          This coming weekend I have a huge soccer tournament.  I am very excited and can';t wait for it because I get to play soccer and hang out with my team.
          This tournament twill be our last games this year for my travel team.  This also might be our last year going to this tournament.  The tournament in the Okemo tournament in Vermont.  I love this tournament because when we aren't playing our soccer games I am hanging out with my team at mountain.  Playing the soccer games this year is going to be really fun because I am going to be able to play on the field and in goal.
          When we aren't paying our soccer games we are all at the mountain having fun.  At the mountain there are several different activities to do.  There is a mountain roller coaster, a cliff jump that you jump onto an airbag, a poo, a rock wall, and more.  Every year my team always goes to the pool to swim and then we go to some of the fun games/rides.  There is also a waffle cabin that has amazing waffles that I look forward to every year.
          I can't wait to go to the tournament because I want to spent a lot f time with my team.  I want to play well in the tournament and win but we are playing teams that are a lot older than us.  Even though they are older we can still beat them by outworking them.  My team is very good and we are getting better.
          I can't wait for this weekend to spend time with my team and play soccer.

Friday, June 10, 2016

The School Year In Review

        My school year is almost over.  I have had an amazing year as a seventh grader.  I never thought it would go that fast.
        In the beginning of the year I was very happy about being in Hiawatha and happy to see my teachers for the year.  I heard that my teachers were very good and that everyone loved them.  I found out myself that was true.  I loved all my teachers this year and learned so much from them.  It felt like just yesterday that I was meeting my teachers for the first time.
        I have accomplished so much this year.  I have made a lot of new friends and had an amazing year in sports for the school.  I met many people in my sports and many new people on my Hiawatha team.  I hope my friendships that I have now will stay with me forever.  I will always remember my year as a seventh grade.  I have made so many memories.
        I have learned so much this year and don't want it to end.  I will miss all my teachers.  Although I will visit them all next year.  I hope that my new teachers will be as nice and helpful as my teachers this year.  Having learned so much I feel like I am already in eighth grade.
        I hope to see everyone that I saw this year next year as I embark on the journey of my last year in the middle school.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Everything Comes To An End

          This Friday was my last track meet of the season.  I have had an amazing first year of track and can't wait for next year already.
This was at a track meet that I got a personal
record of 4 feet 10 inches in the high jump
         At the beginning of the season it was really confusing because it was my first year doing track so I was confused on what to do and where to go.  Although I figured it out pretty quick.  I had an amazing sister in this track season.  A sister is someone who you a re partnered with to give them a gift each meet.  I was able to get an amazing sister, Ally.  She helped me through the season and encouraged me to jump higher and further.  I also met an amazing friend and hope to stay friends with her for forever.  Her name is Matlynn.  She also helped me through the season.
         Track is unlike some other sports because not everyone's track season s over at the same time.  I was honored to keep going onto State Qualifier Meet.  It was such an amazing experience because it is only my first year of track and I had finished 8th against high school students.  It is such an amazing experience because I will accomplish so much more in my future.  Before the State Qualifier Meet I had gone to several meets before it that I finished it a very good place.
         I loved the track season because I met Matlynn and her and I went far into the season.  I have jumped a lot of personal records and broke two high school records this season.  I also got my varsity letter and my first pin to go on it.  I hope to accomplish more next year ad go even further.  I had an amazing first year of track and it was an amazing experience to compete against high school students and place well.
        I have had lots of fun on the track team and so many memories were made.  I can't wait till next years season to have even more fun!!!